Open source projects
Personal website 2023
The source of this website.
Raytracer 2021
A training project aimed at learning ray tracing algorithm and practicing convert sequential CPU code into a parallelized GPU code using CUDA.
Segment based allocator 2021
A simply allocator uses virtual memory model based upon segments.
world3d 2021
A simple program demonstrates work with OpenGL library.
TEC (Template Extension Compiler) 2020
A source code preprocessing system that adds syntax of C++ like templates to pure C.
Simplified Portable Runtime Library (SPR) 2020
A library provides cross-platform C/C++ API for platform-specific functionality (such as work with files and threads).
FPP (File Protection Program) 2019
A simple program for file encryption.
EasyPG 2019
A simple tool to generate cryptographically secure pseudorandom passwords.
Early projects 2017
All my early projects that I did in school until 2017.